What's your turn around time?

ASAP. I try my hardest to get sneak peeks out a day or two after the wedding (or shoot) - and get all your photos to you within 6 weeks from the date, if not sooner. I like to edit when the shoot is fresh on my mind.

Do you give out unedited RAWS?

Nope! Editing is half of the creativity that goes into the photos so I do not give out unedited versions because to me - its a half done image! When I edit not only do I put my brand on that image, I cull out all images that are blurry or are unflattering! Although I do make mistakes - I never keep photos that are useable from you! I'm not gonna keep you from the memories!

How does booking you work?

Booking is super easy! To reserve a date I require a signed contract with a non-refundable $1000 retainer. The rest is due two weeks before the wedding (or shoot date).

Can you photoshop us?

My job is to focus on making you feel as beautiful as possible without distorting your appearance. I don't want my images to be unrealistic nor do I want you to feel like they are unflattering .. We will work together to make sure you guys look like YOU while feeling beautiful at the same time. I edit out minor distractions and I do soften skin, but I don't heavily photoshop bodies/appearances! If you are self conscious about something in particular, feel free to let me know and I will do my best to accommodate that for you!

What if we need to reschedule because of weather?

Some of my favorite shoots have been in rain storms - so it's not a problem with me if it isn't one for you! I am a-ok with shooting in rain, snow, hail or heavy winds. I think we could use those things to our advantage. The only time I try to reschedule is if it is bitterly cold outside or if the weather could ruin my camera. If you want to reschedule, we can definitely do so!

How many photos do I get?

For weddings a minimum of 400. For shoots, a minimum of 50. don't like to put a set number on it because it really depends on the environment and what I have time to get. I overshoot a lot, so most of the time you can expect way more than the minimum. I don't keep any photos from you and make you pay for them or anything - I give you every useable image that I have taken.

What happens if you can't make the wedding?

The ONLY way I would miss your wedding is if something out of my control took place (illness, death, etc.) If that were to happen, I would do my best to get you connected with an amazing photographer that has a similar style as me. I have a whole list of people who I trust to take over in the event I can't be there. God forbid anything like this happens, but if I cannot be at the wedding or find a replacement, your money will be refunded.

What's the deal with travel?

When I travel, I require you to pay for the minimum (flight, transportation and nightly stay) and I get the rest.
I book my own flights and rental cars, BUT I will make sure to get your confirmation before booking anything to ensure there are no surprise costs on your end. Once I send the invoice and receive the payment, I purchase/book those things!
You can estimate costs by checking how much air bnb's typically cost in the area we will be staying and how much roundtrip flights are from Springfield, MO! I can fly out of Kansas City if needed - but you would need to cover mileage and parking since I'm a few hours from there! I'm down for whatever ends up being cheapest!